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We Re-Member's Black History Month Event

Updated: Mar 9, 2021

We have a phenomenal panel who have dedicated their efforts in creating awe-inspiring work in their communities. They will share their experiences with building brave and safe spaces in hostile environments.

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Valda Harris Montgomery, PhD, is a retired associate professor of the Clinical Doctorate of

Physical Therapy Program at Alabama State University. She is a native of Montgomery, AL and earned degrees from Fisk University, Alabama State University, United States Sports Academy, and Auburn University. She is the second child of Richard and Vera Harris. Dr. Richard Harris was a pharmacist and owner of Dean Drug Store, one of the oldest black pharmacies in Montgomery. He was also a Tuskegee Airman. From May 21-24, 1961, Dr. Harris and his wife courageously opened their home to the Freedom Riders and many civil rights leaders as a safe haven for rest and strategic planning. In 2006, she successfully sought historic recognition in the form of a marker for the Harris House and is in the process of opening the family home to tourists. Dr. Montgomery has documented her childhood memories of the Civil Rights Movement in a book, “Just A Neighbor”, which highlights the relationship of her family and that of Martin Luther King, Jr. She has shared her experiences through speaking engagements, presentations, and book signings to national and international audiences. Dr. Montgomery recently served as President of the Patrons for the National Center for the Study of Civil Rights and African American Culture at Alabama State University and presently as President of the Friends of the Freedom Rides Museum in Montgomery, Alabama.

Ernest Johnson is the Director of Ubuntu Village NOLA and co-founder of One More Time Social and Pleasure Club. He is a community member for the Criminal Justice Council and serves on the Foundation for Louisiana Truth Racial Healing and Transformation Advisory Committee. Mr. Johnson's work is rooted in the community from the street corner body to elected officials with the same value for humanity for all.

Calvin Duncan is a Legal expert, Prison Reform Advocate with over two decades of experience as inmate counsel at Angola Prison.

Maurie Lee, Founder of Kromanti Experience

Kromanti Experience is a cultural tour company which educates people about the rich history of the Maroon community and culture in Jamaica.

Founded by Maurice Lee in 2015, the company provides cultural tours to Moore Town in

Portland, Jamaica, famous for being one of the original Maroon communities where Black

people fought for and maintained their freedom from British enslavement. It's also home to

Jamaica's national hero, Queen Nanny, the fearless leader who defeated the British many times to keep the Maroons safe. Maurice shares his wealth of knowledge to visitors teaching them about life in this extremely resilient community.

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