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We Re-Member is a non-profit that provides education about the Middle Passage and the legacies of chattel slavery to eliminate bias, disparities, and forced assimilation experienced by descendants of the Middle Passage. 


We do this by establishing platforms that explore 1) Black identity, 2) the dismemberment that has occurred based on Black identity, and 3) the healing that has occurred, and healing that needs to occur based on dismemberment experienced. 


We Re-Member strives to create a world where people can heal from the traumas caused by the Middle Passage, chattel slavery, and the aftermath of those two historical events. In order to create this world, we have to address the dismemberment of people based on Black identity and commit to the re-memberment of people based on this same construct.


We Re-Member provides learning experiences that highlight and explore the interpersonal and environmental conflicts and harm that were created by the institution of chattel slavery, in order to repair current interpersonal and environmental conflicts and harm that are the legacy of chattel slavery.


We also aim to educate groups who are not descendants of this experience as we acknowledge a mass education is required to mitigate the negative impacts of the Middle Passage, and its aftermath, that continues to manifest throughout the Americas.

We Re-Member is committed to providing technical assistance and resources to other disenfranchised minorities by creating an adaptable model that can be used to educate and address various forms of oppression.


We recognize there are a plethora of resources on the harms of racism and systemic trauma. Nevertheless, a deficit exists regarding information and resources that address how to heal; not just individually, but systemically as well. We must begin the process of transforming national curriculums to promote the healing and understanding of slavery in order to undo the systemic racism caused by slavery.


We will pursue our mission by educating program participants on the Middle Passage through a combination of tools which include our documentary, blogs and discussions, facilitated discussions, technical assistance and our experiential learning opportunities.

We Re-Member Seminar

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