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Diaspora Travel Program:

We Re-Member participants will travel through an African-Diasporic Journey to designated locations and trace “the passage” from 1) capture and enslavement 2) the Prison Industrial Complex (PIC), 3) forced assimilation, and 4) resistance and healing efforts.
Upon the conclusion of their journey, participants will understand the legacy of chattel slavery,
will be able to assess the ways people were harmed throughout the African Diaspora, and will
be positioned to have an educated conversation on the outstanding healing/reparations that
needs to occur to achieve equity.

This 15-week virtual course travel studies course takes participants to Cultural Yards.  Resistance Sites, Maroon Territory, Plantations, Prisons, and other historic sites to understand the harm caused by chattel enslavement and the overdue repair.


  1. Thursday, February 25: Black History Month Celebration/Program Kick-Off

  2. Tuesday, March 1: Conditions of Enslavement in Jamaica

  3. Thursday, March 3: Conditions of Enslavement- Whitney Plantation 

  4. Tuesday, March 8: Processing Conditions of Enslavement

  5. Thursday, March 10: Anti-Thesis Discussion

  6. Tuesday, March 15: Slave Rebellions

  7. Thursday, March 17: Processing Slave Rebellions

  8. Tuesday, March 22: Maroon Visit

  9. Thursday, March 24: Processing Maroon Visit

  10. Tuesday, March 29: Separate but Equal

  11. Tuesday, March 31: Displacement- Trench Town, Jamaica

  12. Tuesday, April 5: Displacement- Hurricane Katrina

  13. Thursday, April 7: Extrajudicial Killings

  14. Tuesday, April 12: PIC Part 1- Angola Penitentiary

  15. Thursday, April 14: PIC Part 2

  16. Tuesday, April 19: Eugenics

  17. Thursday, April 21: Processing Displacement and PIC

  18. Tuesday, April 26: Cultural Preservation- Life Yard

  19. Thursday, April 28: Cultural Preservation in the South

  20. Tuesday, May 3: Cultural Preservation- Second Lining and More

  21. Thursday, May 5: Processing the Role of Culture in Preservation

  22. Tuesday May 10: Reparations Part 1

  23. Thursday, May 12: Reparations Part 2

  24. Tuesday, May 17: Review

  25. Thursday, May 19: Processing Review

  26. Tuesday, May 24: Memorial

  27. Thursday, May 26: Discussion

  28. Tuesday, May 31: Voluntary Presentations

  29. Thursday, June 2: Voluntary Presentations

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